Vanstory HallVandalismA female student-resident reported person(s) unknown had bent the front tire on her bike that she chained to the basement stairwell in Vanstory Hall. Total estimated value of damage to the front tire is $100.

ObermeyerPersonal InjuryA female student-resident’s book bag was struck by a state vehicle’s mirror, while she was walking across the Obermeyer parking lot. The female advised, she was not struck, only her book bag.

Aggie SuitesHarassmentA female student-resident reported being harassed by another female student resident. The student advised she has been receiving unwanted text messages from the other female. The student was advised to seek criminal charges if the harassment continues.

Nocho StreetCall for ServiceThe University Police detained a pit bull (dog) that was running loose on campus. The dog was later transported to the Guilford County Animal Shelter by animal control, without incident.

Alma Morrow CircleWeaponsTwo male students were discovered to be in possession of weapons on campus. The students were charged with misdemeanors, issued citations and released. There were no injuries.

Dowdy BuildingForgeryA female staff-member reported that someone forged a financial document. The estimated total loss is $10,000. There is witness and suspect information.

Aggie VillageDrug ViolationsThe University Police Department responded to Aggie Village due to complaints of drug violations. A female student fled through her dorm room window prior to officials entering her room. Initial observation revealed the fire alarm system had been tampered with by the suspect also.

Aggie SuitesAttempted SuicideA Female student attempted to harm herself and was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

  • Compiled by Kimberly Robinson