SGA report cards

SGA Presidet: Syene Jasmin

GOOD: Increased off campus security, helped to expand UPD jurisdiction, held financial aid forum as promised, and helped lead Project Haiti.BAD: Only carried out small portions of his platform, the homecoming fiasco, constant disagreement with his e-board, not always connected with the student body, put personal interests in front of the needs of the people, the “3.0 campaign” never saw the light of day, many things he “planned” to do already existed. Jasmin missed numerous committee meetings for special events (Feb. 1, Chancellor’s installation sub committee), and often operated in a reactive mode instead of a proactive mode.

Grade: C-


Vice President of Internal Affairs: Valerie Dudley

GOOD: Kept quorum a majority of the year, actually passed legislation the right way.BAD: Much like the President, Ms. Dudley found herself spending time on other organizations and not the Senate for a significant portion of second semester, and she faced challenges with keeping the senate in order and focused.

Grade: B


Vice President of External Affairs: Travis Jackson

GOOD: Generally stayed out of political trouble on the yard, mostly followed his job descripton. BAD: Homecoming fiasco, no comedy show or concert for springfest, promotion was not the best, not a delegate of ASG (at president’s decision) even though it is his constitutional duty.

Grade: C


Attorney General: Daniel Davis

GOOD: Mostly did his job, was fair to students overall.BAD: Embezzlement scandal

Grade: D-


Secretary: Whitney Dickens

GOOD: New website (, good notes, prompt response, openness.BAD: N/A

Grade: A


Treasurer: Mason Jones

GOOD: Managed the budget, provided documents at request, gave accurate and reliable information when needed. BAD: N/A

Grade; A


Miss A&T: Ngozi Opara

GOOD: Placed 1st runner-up in the Hall of Fame pageant with all the HBCU queens.BAD: Lack of programs during the first semester of the academic year. Lack of  community service for the student body.

Grade: C


Mister A&T: Austin James

GOOD: Hosted some programs towards the end of the semester.BAD: Lack of strong, independent programming, where was the constitutionally required community service?

Grade: C


The Appointees:  Gary Brown and Octavia Ocean

GOOD:  Did an excellent job of helping to manage SGA in crisis communication situations, did majority of the work as far as forums and programs.BAD: Started off rough, ended on a good note.

Grade: B-


SGA Senate

GOOD: Actually took action this year on variety of issues, met regularly, had quorum most of the year.BAD: Despite taking action, the end result was nothing in both the homecoming investigation and the embezzlement/impeachment controversy, senators left to seek out personal gain, and fell into old habits in the end.

Grade: D-


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