20 Questions

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1. How many of ya’ll went to see Jay-Z but still haven’t bought books?

2. Do you know that spring break is next week? 

3. Did you hear the earthquake in Chile tilted the Earth’s axis? 

4. How was the CIAA tournament?

5. How many games did you go to?

6. Were you yelling Aggie Pride at parties celebrating a basketball tournament that A&T doesn’t play in?

7. How long did it take you to get back to Greensboro?

8. How are we getting all this snow if the world is getting warmer?

9. With yesterday’s snow, doesn’t spring look like a punk?

10. Like spring was looking real disrespected?

11. Do you think Al Gore was lying?

12. Did you hear about the dude who got robbed in the cafe?

13. Isn’t the food bad enough? 

14. Now we gotta worry about getting robbed? 

15.  Are you glad the Winter Olympics is over?

16. Do you feel like less of an American because you didn’t care about Lindsey Vonn?

17.  Did you watch the hockey gold medal game?

18. Would you have watched if Lebron or Kobe put on some skates?

19.  Did you know that Lebron is changing his number to #6?

20. Do he and Kobe not realize that no matter how much they try, they will never be better than Jordan?