Are You a Clout Chaser or Hypebeast?

Angel Cox

As the end of summer approaches, similar styles have become ubiquitous on campus. Today, you cannot walk through campus without seeing girls in motorsport-inspired clothing, biker shorts, and retro sunglasses. Whereas, Nike socks, male purses, and above the knee shorts have become a uniform for men.

The campus is flooded with clout chasers and hypebeasts. Clout chasers are those who seek attention by following trends whereas, Hypebeasts are those who buy trendy items just because they can. Style, defined by Kelvin Patrick, a senior public relations student, is an “extension of your personality” and “there isn’t one particular way to dress and that’s the beauty of it.”

Yellow began as the color for summer as it complemented skin tones and enhanced the glow. Ladies rushed to find crop tops and sundresses in the complementing yellow. Neon colors was another trend of the summer.

Along with neon colors came the notorious motorsport-inspired clothing. The trend became famous after the video release of the popular Migos song “Motorsport.” Summer initiated the neon contrasting paneled unitards and dresses. The increasingly popular motorsport-inspired clothing led students to perceive the trend as over worn and done. Makyah Scott, a senior psychology student, believes it is time for students to “hang up” the trend.

Biker shorts became a by-product of the motorsport trend, transforming into an essential clothing item for the women on campus. Scott believes this trend has “everyone wearing the same thing.” The claim does not go unsupported, a majority of the women on campus wear biker shorts with the same style. Habitually they are paired with a graphic t-shirt, completing the outfit with slides or vans. This trend has been exceptionally influential and will likely appear next summer.

The retro sunglasses wave did not only affect the women but men too. The classic white circle, dark tinted shades initiated the trend. With style influencers such as Playboi Carti and Takeoff of Migos wearing these sunglasses, they developed an ideology of being able to elevate one’s level of style. As the trend evolved, triangle-shaped and thin rectangle sunglasses became popular. The trend not only evolved in frame style, but it also, altered the way people wore their shades. Women on campus often wear them close to the tip of their nose to emphasize their look. Prior to this summer, sunglasses were not a popular trend amongst the students of A&T.

Man purses have also become more acceptable on campus. The square cross body and fanny pack are the prominent styles. The Supreme fanny pack has become one of the most popular bags on campus. Designed in colors ranging from black to purple with the Supreme logo repetitively running on the strap. The bag has a clean simple design that is easy to be styled. Whereas, the iconic fanny pack has taken on the neon color scheme and serves as a statement piece. Formerly worn on the waist, fanny packs are now styled across the chest of A&T students.  Fanny packs have become one the most unpredicted items to come back in style.

Above the knee, shorts have always been a staple item in the men’s wardrobe, however; this summer they have been redesigned. Normally men wore the classic shorts in basic colors with small logos in the bottom corner. As students returned to campus there was a rise in males wearing shorts with largely curved logos on the front. As designers increased the logo sizes they took risks and placed them on the side of the shorts or designed them in a pattern. Champion and Adidas have become some of the most popular brands on campus and the designers were not shy when adding their logos.  

Trends are not long lasting and are meant to be enjoyed for the moment, whereas style is eternal.