20 Questions: 2/1/2019

  1. When are y’all gonna stop sexually assaulting people?
  2. When is the N.C. A&T administration going to step in?
  3. Why is the Starbucks barista girl licking her fingers?
  4. Which is better: Fried Chicken Friday or Fried Fish Friday?
  5. Y’all still paying to play foosball and pool?
  6. 1891 Bistro, why y’all charging us for bland food?
  7. Why are the cheerleaders using the Dome to practice?
  8. Why doesn’t Einstein’s Bagels’ workers know their own menu?
  9. Can we get some REAL boneless chicken wings at Aggie Wings?
  10. Why y’all wearing UGGS in the rain?
  11. How much Flex y’all got left?
  12. What’s up with all the lines at every restaurant?
  13. Are y’all gonna file your taxes before the government shuts down again?
  14. Where’s Title IX right now?
  15. What’s the next hairstyle after passion twists?
  16. Have y’all stopped going to the gym? Did y’all even start going?
  17. Why did y’all let Blueface get famous?
  18. Have y’all tried the new EcoStyler with cannabis in it?
  19. Do y’all even read our articles?
  20. Are y’all gonna start praying with girls instead of preying on girls?