NY/NJ Karaoke Night

The New York, New Jersey Connection hosted “Karaoke Night” in the Exhibit Hall on Nov. 11.

NY/NJ Connection is composed of students from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware.  

Students were able to come and sign up to sing a song of their choice in front of a live audience.  

Once a song was selected, the lyrics were projected onto a screen during each individual performance.  

A stage was also set up at the front of the room for the performers.    

“Everyone can choose from a large showcase of songs.  The list consists of everything from rock, pop, and R & B,” said Gloria Smith, the corresponding secretary and a sophomore sports science major.  

“I’m really enjoying our NY/NJ events. Last year I was a general member and just taking everything in, but I wanted to get more involved with the organization and I’m glad I did,” Smith added.

A wide range of songs was performed at the event.  Senior Verdell Russell sang “Infidelity” by Trey Songz and senior Nigel Tomlin performed “Ballin” by Jim Jones.  A small group performed “Beat It,” a Michael Jackson song.

Also, senior Ronald Plummer Jr. performed “If You Think you’re Lonely Now” by Bobby Womack.

“Karaoke nights always seem to be a hit.  It gives everyone a chance to take a break from school and stress.  We all know we sing in the shower, so why not come and do it here with friends?” said Azikiweh Hall, sergeant at arms and senior computer science major.  

“Everyone can come out of their comfort zone and laugh together.  We can all let our guards down,” Hall added.

Throughout the event, students enjoyed each other’s performances and let their self-consciousness go.            

“NY/NJ is known for showing out on campus so we always have a good time.  We just wanted to host something light and fun.

No need for practice, just come out and sing for free.  Karaoke night, much like our Apollo night, is always carefree and fun,” said historian Sherrell Burt, a senior journalism and mass communications major.   

NY/NJ helped to make the event a success by promoting it with flyers and a campus-wide dorm storm.

The event had a successful turnout and participation.  Even those who could not sing in tune still belted out the words to some of their favorite songs.  

“I wanted to come out to support the event and my friends.  I won’t personally be singing unless I’m with a group, but I’ll cheer on my friends,” said sophomore music performance major, Ashenna Moore.

NY/NJ Connection hosted the event “Singled Out,” a blind dating game, earlier this semester.  

Karaoke night marks the last major event of the fall semester for NY/NJ; however, they plan to come back in the spring with even more interactive programs for the campus.  


  • Jessica Grissom