Jump-start your spring style by looking to resort collections

Winter has its charms – for a few weeks. But it’s not long before the yen for spring sets in. Not only will those milder temperatures feel a lot more pleasant, but the coming of spring also means that your wardrobe can come out of hibernation. Designers’ resort collections, which often combine elements of winter lines and upcoming spring designs, are a great way to bring a bit of spring into your look.

Though they’re designed with travel to sunnier climates in mind, you don’t need to have a plane ticket in hand to start incorporating looks that populated the 2011 resort runways.

In fact, you can simply hop on the Internet and start shopping for pieces that will work for you – it’s easier than ever to get access to designer clothes and accessories, often at discounted prices.

Shop with these resort 2011 trends in mind:

* Retro looks. There’s not one particular decade on parade, with different designers making subtle and not-so-subtle call-outs to times gone by. However, the retro styling isn’t a costume look; it’s more about paying homage to past silhouettes while staying resolutely in the moment. At Miu Miu, the sensuous fabrics and body-skimming-yet-long skirts had a touch of ’40s feel, while at Chanel, the ’70s vibe was in full effect.

* Unusual color palettes. The old ROY G. BIV standards aren’t cutting it anymore, and designers are getting innovative with new hues. A new breed of pastels, deeper and richer than past incarnations, took center stage, at shows from Balenciaga to Stella McCartney. Another new staple, somewhat unexpectedly, is chartreuse, which proved to look stunning with a wide variety of other colors.

* Playful pants. Skinnies still have their place, but new pant silhouettes were cropping up everywhere. The flowing fabrics and relaxed cuts of trousers at Elie Tahari looked elegant and comfortable, and Philip Lim’s cropped palazzo pants looked perfectly springy. You should also keep an eye out for paper-bag waists that give an air of nonchalance – they’re going to be turning up everywhere.

As your wardrobe comes out of hiding from under the layers of coats and sweaters, freshen up your perspective – and your look – by mining the resort trends that serve as a precursor to warm weather style.