ICE raids spark fear, hate


U.S. Police I.C.E. arrest a man.

Jewell Hill, theWORD Editor

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has begun raiding homes this month in New York. Not only has ICE caused panic in the hearts and minds of immigrants, but they have also caused anger in the hearts of natural-born Americans.

ICE is under the United States Department of Homeland Security, and they are in charge of securing the U.S. borders and
safeguarding the integrity of the country’s immigration system.

Given that ICE is supposed to make sure our borders are safe, it shouldn’t come at the expense of killing and raping immigrants, or even raiding the homes of immigrants who have
done nothing but try to make a better life for themselves and their families.

On July 12, 2019, WBAL TV 11 reported that ICE is planning to raid the
homes of immigrants in Baltimore this month.

“We stand as one. It’s one Baltimore, and we’re going to stand together,” said
Councilwoman Shannon Sneed.

In front of the Baltimore City Hall, immigrants, community, and faith leaders held a
united front and declared that they’ll fight back against President Donald Trump’s
immigration policies.

“We will not, in our city, help ICE, in any way,” said Baltimore City Council President
Brandon Scott.

“It’s one of the reasons that our Police Department in Baltimore, in the last week, issued a policy that says our police officers are not going to check on the status of citizens,” said Councilman Eric Costello.

The fact that humans are being put in detention centers where women are being raped, children are being abused, and the conditions of the facilities are poor and gruesome, only shows
how cold-hearted the government is for allowing such hateful things to happen.

“I support our men and women of law enforcement who will be enforcing our immigration laws this weekend,” said Representative Andy Harris — Maryland’s only Republican member of Congress. “No one who has not violated our immigration laws should be worried.”

“The attempts of the president and his administration to deprive immigrants of their rights and to tear apart families are unacceptable, and I will
continue to welcome immigrants to Baltimore with open arms and serve our newest Americans in the same way I serve every Baltimorean,” Baltimore Mayor Jack Young said.

The U.S. government wants nothing more than to take away innocent people from
creating a better life for their family. The persistence and aggression that is being made towards immigrants is nothing short of racism and superiority.

USA Today reports Trump speaking on the detention centers and ICE raids.

“Sorry, can’t let them into our Country,” Trump tweeted about undocumented migrants. “If too crowded, tell them not to come to the USA, and tell the Dems to fix the Loopholes – Problem Solved!”

If the American government and people continue to entertain the actions of racism,
terrorism, and hate, the people are going to unite and fight for what’s right.

Many people feel like immigrants shouldn’t be here because they don’t have to pay taxes or just because they are racist, but the fact of the matter is that most immigrants create the economic boom in the U.S. and they take on the jobs that Americans themselves would never do.

All in all, these ICE raids and detentions centers are nothing more than a tool to put fear and hatred in the hearts of Americans and to boastfully show the xenophobic behavior that is in America.