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Movie Review: Armored

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Ty Hackett (Columbus Short), a rookie security guard for the “Armored Truck Company” is pressured into stealing $42 million from one of the company’s trucks during a routine pick up in the action drama, Armored.

The robbery setup was a perfect plan in the beginning until the whole thing went wrong as an unexpected witness was murdered by one of the officers in on the robbery.

It was really exciting to sit in the middle row at the AMC Theatre on 34th St in New York, NY to view this film that had been anticipated for some time.  The anticipation of excitement turned into disappointment after the first 15 minutes of the film.  Being a big fan of “Heist” movies, this one was not as much of a thriller as expected. 

A lot more was expected from a movie that was frequently previewed on television and featured good talent in Columbus Short, Matt Dillon, and Laurence Fishburne.  The actors performed extremely well for the resources they were given, but more could have been done to make this movie more of a hit and enjoyable. 

The most disappointing thing about the movie was that the talent was not used to their best potential. The actors in the movie were restricted to performing at their best because of the lack of resources in the movie.  Columbus Short played a great role towards the end of the movie as a hero, but the change of scene locations could have made the movie a lot more interesting. 

One big issue that all viewers may have were that there were not any small parts that jumped into the main idea of the movie.  The movie pretty much began and focused on this big robbery that the security guards were trying to pull off.  The expansion of ideas and multiple “Heists” leading into the main $42 million robbery would have made the movie a lot better.

There was lack in the variety of scene usage in the production and you could pretty much say that a majority of the major events in the movie were predictable.  I have been waiting for years for a movie like this to hit the big screen, but the resources in this movie made it seem like this story could have been told a long time ago.

“Armored” ended the exact way I expected it to.  The good guy won and the bad guy lost.  Although I could predict what was going to happen, it was a decent film and did not put me to sleep.  There were just improvements that could have possibly made this film award worthy.  

  • Joseph Escobar
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Movie Review: Armored