Alumni Jason Peele makes moves as R&B artist

Some may ask the question, “Where was the R&B act at the Homecoming concert roster?” Well, the Student Government Association decided to surprise everyone by showing love to one of our Aggies. Aggie Pride was definitely in the building when up and coming R&B artist Jason Peele opened up A&T’s Homecoming concert on Oct. 25.

The A&T alumni made fellas bob their heads and ladies scream for the talented newcomer. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason after his segment of the show.

Peele started off saying that being on stage truly made him feel right at home.

“It’s always good to come home and be with family, Aggies are family to me so I was delighted to be here,” Peele said.

J Peele did not begin his career singing in churches like the majority of the recording artists out here today. Instead, he utilized A&T as a platform for getting his name out there.

“When I was younger, I really had a passion for music but I didn’t grow up in the church and I didn’t perform in the choir,” Peele said. “But when I came to A&T that’s when I discovered the performing side. I started as Mr. Aggie just performing for the little talent shows.”

His debut album is titled “They Call Me J,” which is being released on his independent record label Obie Entertainmnet in December.

“They Call Me J” is not your average R&B album with a million and one collaborations and overpaid producers. According to Jason, he made sure that this album will showcase all of his talent.

“On this album we wanted to make it very independent so that I can stand out the most,” he said. “We didn’t want to utilize other artists to make the album so big that it didn’t really give me credit as an artist.”

Most R&B artists such as Usher, R. Kelly and Dave Hollister usually use their personal experiences as inspiration for their albums. However, Peele’s album is written from personal experiences and reflections on how females treat some males in general.

“It’s a collection of personal experiences that range from break-ups to being that guy that has to clean up after the guy that treats women wrong,” Peele said.

“Don’t beat up on those guys that didn’t treat you wrong,” Peele said. “Love the guys that are in your life right now trying to do right by you.”

He even had a little advice for all of our Aggies who are trying to get in the game right now.

“Make sure you put your all into everything that you do and don’t be afraid to do it on your own,” Peele said. “You don’t have to be with a major label and sound like everybody else. J Peele is like that and we’re trying to bring quality and integrity back into music.”