When safe sex and creativity collide

One Boston based contraceptive company is taking prophylactic prose to new heights.

With names like The LegendTM, Super SensitiveTM and Pleasure DomeTM, Global Protection Corporation’s One® Condoms line is making condom buyers take note.

One® Condoms came on the scene in February 2005 with a new twist to the regular appearance of condoms. Instead of a square wrapper, One® Condoms are enclosed in a round wrapper with a new and refreshing design or picture designed by consumers.

This new appearance is not only more eye-catching in comparison to other brands, but it includes a “ONE-liner” caption to go with the picture.

So what’s the motive? Why the sudden need to change things up a bit? The motive behind Global Protection’s idea is to make condoms socially acceptable and hopefully prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Justin Starks, a sophomore graphic communications major from Winston-Salem, can understand why and to whom there are marketing. “People are attracted to fancy designs,” said Starks.

The company is not just about introducing a new product and seeing what happens, they’ve teamed up with celebrities such as Escalade of the And1 Streetball team, MTV’s Real World veterans Davis and Parisa, as well as beginning the ONE Voice Foundation in 2007 dedicated to getting the word out about safe sex.

David Wedel, founder and president of Global Protection, has made it his priority to inform individuals about sex education and make condoms that fit a person’s taste as well as individual personality. “At Global, we develop choices that speak to our customers on an individual level,” says Wedel.

By making the condoms with consumer designed visuals and a material called, SensatexTM, Wedel’s vision became more of a reality.

SensatexTM is an advanced latex material that aids in making One® Condoms smooth and soft with premium lubrication providing users with a more pleasurable experience. Instead of the usual cardboard box, One® Condoms are packaged in a sleek container containing at least three condoms and are available to order online or in participating CVS, Rite Aid and Kerr Drug pharmacies. Other condoms made by One® include the Studded ONE, the Roomier ONE and the Glowing ONE.

While getting people involved in spreading the word about condoms is a good idea, not everyone is willing to use this product to do so.

Fred Rogers, a sophomore construction management major from Columbia, S.C., doesn’t think that the new look will help sell them.

“I feel that people tend to go with something they have been using for a while and can continue to trust,” said Rogers. “Why [trade] something that is still working for you for something that you know nothing about.”

Even though Rogers admits that the designs on the condom wrappers are eye-catching, he intends to remain with the product he is used to. “I would stick with the most trusted, Trojan.”

Sophomore Stephanie Hawley, a communication systems & technological studies major from Raleigh agrees with both Starks and Rogers to a certain degree.

“Personally, I think the condoms’ appearance will increase the number of condoms sold, but I still don’t think it will influence people to use them,” says Hawley.

“Yeah, they might buy the condoms, but it will most likely be for show and not use, especially if the buyer wasn’t using condoms before hand.”

At their web site, visitors can register to design a wrapper of their own. Users and visitors of can vote on which newly designed wrappers they like and the design could end up on the shelves. “I probably would [buy them] just because of the way it looks,” said Starks. “I’m not gonna lie, it is catchy and if my mom did find this, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t know what it was. It looks like a piece of candy and it’s more discreet.” One ® Condoms might turn out to be just as the logo says, “Next Generation Condoms.”

  • Stacie Bailey