Ask a black guy

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Do guns kill people or do people with guns kill people?

Guy1:  Definitely people with guns.  Guns cannot do damage unless a person pulls the trigger.  It is really that simple.  I feel that if people were more educated on gun safety this problem would have never came up.  There are too many guns in the hands of young people.  

Guy 2:  Guns kill people.  If we could get guns off of the streets no one would get shot.  In countries overseas where guns are outlawed, crime rates are much lower than rates in the United States.  Life is too precious to be ended so quickly and easily.

Guy 3:  Ignorant people with guns kill people.  The sad thing is that people with guns usually choose people without guns to shoot.  It is a never ending circle.  At this point, I would not mind seeing guns outlawed.  

Are we living Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream?

Guy1:  Definitely not.  People act as if many of the racial, religious, and sexist barriers that existed then do not exist now.  The only difference is the fact that prejudices are implemented in more indirect ways than they were back then.  Let us not forget Travon [Martin].

Guy 2:  No.  I feel the country has made moves in the direction of equality and togetherness,  but by no means is the dream here.  Look around, we are still segregated.  I should not feel like I am stealing when exiting Wal-Mart without purchasing anything.

Guy 3:  Yes.  A black president for two consecutive terms is big.  Before Obama, I was convinced the United States was not a place where African-American men could be productive.  I definitely feel like we are living out his dream.

What are your plans and predictions for the upcoming Super Bowl?

Guy1:  I am planning to have a kickback or party at my apartment.  Everybody is invited. We ‘re going to have nachos, drinks, girls, and everything else you need to throw down on Super Bowl Sunday.  As far as the game itself goes, you already know Ray Ray [Ray Lewis] and the Baltimore Ravens are going to hold it down.

Guy 2:  I mean I just plan on going to Kickback Jacks or somewhere to watch it.  I am not the biggest football fan, but I always take part in the celebration.  If I do not go to a bar, I am sure they will have some type of get together in the Union or somewhere on campus.  As far as predictions, I got San Francisco winning big.  That Kaepernick dude mad nice.  

Guy 3:  I am not sure where I will watch the game, but I do know that I will be turned up!  I just want to see Ray Lewis go out with another ring.  The game will never be the same after this last ride.  As far as predictions go, I think it will be a tight game.  Seriously, I think Baltimore got this.