20 Questions_May 5, 2010

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1. After the fire by Village 6, can we say ‘stop, drop, and roll’?

2. How many of you forgot that Mother’s Day is this Sunday?

3. What are you going to get her?

4. Do you need to borrow money from your mom to get her a present?

5. Is that your definition of “grown?”

6. How many of you aren’t coming back in August when you still need credits?

7. Realer than that, how many of you will be missed?

8. How many of you feel some kind of way having to congratulate your friends that are graduating?

9. Was it your fault that you’re in this situation?

10. Did you know you could work hard and make amends for past mistakes?

11. To the graduating class of 2010, what do you have planned for Monday, May 10th?

12. You hear about the laptop stealing organization?

13. Did you know some 40 laptops have been stolen from around the Village?

14. Did you know there was a technology thief at A&T?

15. Is that gangsta, gangsta, gangsta grizillz?

16. What ever happened to the good ol’ weed-man? 

17. With a hyphen in it, doesn’t weed-man sound like a superhero?

18. Wouldn’t a class trip to Myrtle Beach be dope?

19. Like back in high school? 

20. How many of you never did any of that class trip stuff because you went to a Title 1 school with free lunch?