Is homophobia another excuse for discrimination?

There are many aspects of gay culture that go unnoticed or ignored. Please allow me to enlighten you. Cultural diversity cannot be ignored and each culture deserves attention and acknowledgement by the public. So here is your personal serving of gay, hot and fresh out of the oven. Bon appétit!

The notion of homophobia has been around for quite some time. But what are people so afraid of? Perhaps it is due to fear of the unknown. For instance, the straight men who believe all gay men are attracted to them. Definitely not true! What makes them think they are so special anyways?

Want to know what I think? Homophobia is a cover-up for the fact that people neglect and discriminate against cultures and lifestyles they do not necessarily agree with. The term Homophobia is often used to justify discrimination and hatred. Homophobia is not a fear.

There is also the depiction of gay culture in the media. Media seems to be the only outlet that recognizes that gay people and culture not only exist, but that gay culture will be a part of American society for years to come.

“LogoTV,” a channel in 2005, along with shows like “Glee” and “The L.A. Complex” need more public exposure.

These shows and stations are accurate and realistic because they eliminate any misconceptions of what it means to be gay or what a gay person is.

They demonstrate the side of homosexuality that says not all gay people are the same. In fact, some of us are very flashy and flamboyant while others act just as straight as a heterosexual. This is a principle that all people should understand.

Understanding gay culture does not stop at the big screen and mainstream media. This topic hits home as well. For example, consider gay culture at our very own school, A&T.

People Recognizing Our Underlying Differences (P.R.O.U.D.), an advocacy group that caters to lesbian, gay men, bisexuals, transgender, and questioning students (LGBTQ), holds programs and meetings on varying topics that involve the gay community. The group creates a safe environment where LGBTQ students can come and be themselves.

A&T as a whole is not against gay people, but I cannot speak for everyone. Having groups like P.R.O.U.D. on campus is great. Because gay people are not accepted by everyone.

So there it is, a brief tour through the eyes of a gay guy. Remember, we too are regular people, human people. Many of us wish to get married and have families just like any same sex couples. Do not use homophobia as an excuse to justify ignorance, hatred, and fear. Realize that no prototypical gay person exists. Finally, make sure that you respect us for who we are because, believe me when I say, we are not going anywhere.

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  • Paul Johnson, Contributor