Roof maintenance done today saves trouble later

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(ARA) – Many of us experienced damage caused by last winter’s ice dams. Were you concerned about snow and ice buildup on your roof? With the warm weather, this could be the last thing you may be thinking about.

However, being prepared for the those nasty cold surprises and taking care of the preventative roof maintenance when it’s warm is a better alternative than having to make an emergency repair outside during cold or extreme weather. So on a warm and dry day, run through the following checklist to make sure your roof remains in good shape throughout the year:

* Clear gutters of dust and debris. Twigs and other debris will often settle on your roof and then get washed into your gutters. Clearing your gutters at the beginning of the warm season can help to ensure that water won’t collect in them. Allowing gutters to clog and overflow could possibly cause water damage, put undue stress on your gutters and create potential ice dams.

* Install roof and gutter de-icing cables. These specially designed electric heating cables help protect your property by efficiently reducing ice formation along roof edges, in gutters, drains and downspouts. When properly installed, these products create a path for the melt water from ice or snow to drain off the roof. Installing de-icing cables during the warmer months can keep you from having to deal with ice dams in the winter. For additional information you can contact a heating cable manufacturer, such as EasyHeat Roof and Gutter De-Icing Cables.

* Inspect the places where your gutters are joined to the roof to make sure they are securely attached. Inspect your roof for mosses or other vegetation that may be growing on your shingles. After sweeping off debris or vegetation, it is recommended to apply a special removal solution (approved for use on your roof), or call a professional service to clear the roof.

* Another way to minimize ice dams is to inspect your attic space to make sure it is properly insulated and ventilated. Improperly insulated attics can cause hot air to collect at the top of your home during the winter, heating the roof and causing snow to melt and ice to form. Properly insulating your attic can also help you save on heating and cooling costs, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It may be advised to consult with a local professional service on this type of work if you aren’t familiar with insulation and ventilation systems.

Once you’ve gone through your roof maintenance checklist, you can rest easy that you won’t have to get out the ladder to fix a problem and your roof is protected against the frosty weather. For more information on roof and gutter de-icing and how to prevent ice dams, visit

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Roof maintenance done today saves trouble later