Drowning in Superbowl madness, Mardi Gras paradise in the heart of New Orleans

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I hope everyone enjoyed themselves during the Superbowl XXXVI weekend, whether it was going to Superbowl parties with your friends or chilling at your own crib. I was not fortunate enough to have a ticket to the game, but did enjoy many of the Superbowl festivities in New Orleans. I gathered three of my friends, rented a car and prayed that they would be willing to take a road trip to New Orleans. The answer was yes, and it took 13 hours to get there. I called the Nappy Roots when we entered New Orleans. We met them at a restaurant called Copeland’s. They greeted us as soon as we came through the door.They measured up to their self-description of “country boys” as stated in their songs. Prophet, a member of the Nappy Roots, addressed the waitress as, “Miss Lady.” Every now and then, Prophet would steal some of Skinny’s food and we would laugh. Scales introduced me to some spinach dip with some bowtie-fried pasta. I think I’ll pass on seconds. Klutch was nice enough to share his southern wings before reciting a verse from one of their songs. Afterwards, everyone grabbed him and we all hollered and clapped. But like most hungry people, we continued to eat and drink after the excitement died down. I sampled everyone else’s plate so much that I didn’t finish my own chicken fettucine with broccoli. The Nappy Roots picked up the check and my friends and I showed our appreciation with plenty of hugs and thank yous. Now, who wouldn’t like that “good ole southern hospitality?”The next stop on our trip was a radio station interview with the Nappy Roots at Louisiana’s own WLFL 93.3. Recording artist Lil’ Keke showed us love and talked about his album “Platinum in the Ghetto.” But lo and behold it was about to get “UGLY, UGLY, UGLY!!!” As soon as we turned the corner Bubba Sparxx was standing in the lobby. Sparxx showed that he was really down to earth by signing autographs and agreeing to take pictures. Sparxx also said that he would love to come to A&T and for a meet and greet or a concert. Now that’s something that would be truly lovely.After parting from the Nappy Roots, my friends and I rode around New Orleans. We heard on the radio that Magic Johnson was throwing a party, that night at the Sheraton hotel. We changed clothes and went to check it out, since it was only $20. Though the party did not live up to our expectations, the stars made it worth the while. We got pictures with “Murphy Lee” from the St. Lunatics, “Oh Drama’s” Vanessa Bell Calloway, Tennessee Titan’s defensive end Jevon Kearse and New York Jets’s wide receiver Matthew Hatchette. Mo’Nique of the “Queens of Comedy” and star of the television show “The Parkers” said hello but did not want a picture. GO FIGURE! Finally, we drove back to the hotel for a little R&R.Saturday was a long day of driving and prepping for Superbowl Sunday. There were a lot of tourists getting prepared for the upcoming Mardi Gras event, buying Mardi Gras masks, light-up beads, and women were flashing men all over the place. I regret not interviewing P. Diddy. While tuning in to WLFL, P. Diddy was doing a radio interview, promoting his new single “I Need a Girl,” which features Hip-Hop sensation Usher. No, this is not the answer to J Lo’s “Ain’t That Funny.”Superbowl Sunday was covered with traffic on Canal and Bourbon streets. It was my first time seening so many different kinds of limousines: Jaguars, Excursions and P.T. Cruisers. WLFL was broadcasting a radio interview with Master P. I seized this opportunity, getting there just in time. I got the interview with Master P, and also attend his Superbowl afterparty with VIP seats. I also got to interview the creators of FUBU. Make sure you grab upcoming issues for those interviews. HOLLA!

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Drowning in Superbowl madness, Mardi Gras paradise in the heart of New Orleans