Scream 2 Tour

RALEIGH – Bow Wow, B2K and IMX know how to please the ladies in their “Scream 2 Tour.” I think that every one between the ages of five and 35 were screaming to the top of their lungs during the show.

To my surprise, R&B recording artist IMX was received as just another opening act as well. IMX performed “Ain’t No Need” (“Pluto Nash” soundtrack), “Beautiful” and “My First Time.” They switched clothes during every scene and yelled to the crowd to help support the album. I was a little bit shocked by the amount of love they received. IMX really put on a good performance. It was sad to face the reality of them going from headlining tours to being an opening act.

Recording artist B2K was the second act to perform in the Entertainment Sports Arena in Raleigh. B2K’s performance made me wonder why guys my age don’t perform like that. It’s safe to say that they must practice long and hard to have every step is on point. They performed “Gotta be,” “Uh Huh” and other fan favorites.

They had a mini-movie screen set up above the audience inside the arena. Each member of the group took turns doing a dance to keep the crowd full of energy. It was kind of crazy to see grown women and little girls hollering that they would do anything for B2K. The artists were guilty of feeding off of the ladies’ fantasies as well. B2K asked the crowd to scream for them as loud as they could. The first 100 girls who screamed the loudest would get a chance to come back to the hotel with them. They also told the crowd that if their mothers didn’t let them come then the mothers were welcome to the pajama party as well. These young men sounded as if they had learned some rules of the game from some of the guys at N.C. A&T.

The last performance was by Shad Moss a.k.a. Bow Wow.

Bow Wow proved that he truly deserves to be headlining a tour. His opening was like watching a blockbuster action movie. Bow Wow opened his show with a mini-movie on a large projection screen over the audience. The movie showed Bow Wow on his tour bus, then getting lost and later being rescued by a recording artist and CEO of So So Def recordings Jermaine Dupri in a helicopter. He exploded onto the scene and gave one of the best performances that I have ever seen. Bow Wow introduced his DJ’s, Shakim and Jus and then proceeded to rock the crowd.

When he performed “Basketball” (Like Mike soundtrack) they showed legendary clips from different NBA players. Bow Wow rhymed with a basketball in hand, a Knights Jersey with his name on the back and a referee.

Seven and eight-year-old boys were “Harlem Shaking and Crypt Walking” with him during the hit single “Basketball” off the “Like Mike” soundtrack. The hottest part of the show was when he started doing basketball tricks around the referee while rhyming.

When he performed “Thank You,” the projection screen showed shots of the audience holding homemade posters and purchased shirts and paws from the concession stands. When “Ghetto Girls” came on, little girls were pointing to themselves as if he were talking to them. The movie screen showed stars such as actress Jada Pinkett, Rap star Eve, R&B singers T Boz and Janet Jackson. He changed the show from the “Scream 2 Tour” to the “Dog House.” He proved that he is going to be one of the most talked about performers for years to come.