Campus East apartments a ‘huge’ mistake

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According to the original developer, Campus East Apartments were built to help college students rent affordable off campus housing. $410 a month included rent, utilities, and furniture.

If you were a student, Campus East Apartments was the greatest look ever.

Now, Campus East is under new management, and while prices are steadily rising, service is steadily on the decline.  Poor communication is a consistent issue with the rental office. 

After interviewing a current resident she stated, They are not quick to respond to request, and it takes days to get maintenance updates even if scheduled for same day.

Another resident added, I honestly donít feel safe in my own apartment, this is ridiculous! Communication was key and safety was a #1 priority in the past. I am sure you can relate to wanting to feel heard and safe in your own residence. 

After losing aggie Dennis Hayle just months ago to a senseless act of violence, security should be a number one priority at all off campus housing facilities.

Students let’s take a stand! We deserve to get the services we paid for and to be treated with dignity.  It is asked that NO student agree to spend a dime at Campus Eastóno leasing agreements and no phone calls to inquire. 

We need to drive this team out because there is absolutely no effort being put into force by new management to secure the property. 

Poor communication, and unnecessary fees are being implemented and rent there has been increased for new and returning students.  The current college students that are leasing are fed up with the new managers.

I, personally, have tried to contact the apartmentís management numerous times to address the issues and clear the air for the current residents. I have made phone calls back to back only to hear an answering service.  You may ask if I attempted to go to the leasing office.

Did I attempt to go to the leasing office, you may ask? Yes, I did only to see a Will Return sign. Return when? I never found an answer because no one ever returned!  It is a MUST that we get Campus East back in the right hands.

The previous management team built personal relationships with the students and were compassionate, understanding, and willing to assist during troubled times.

There was also a program being put in place for A&T students to be involved personally and professionally with Campus East, said Theodore Stevens, original developer of Campus East.

As a college community, it is past time for students to take a stance against off-campus housing complexes. 

Every year the student apartment complexes raise prices benefiting from the need of college students. The African-American developer worked hard to give back to the community where college students reside.

Unfortunately, a few months ago the proper owners transferred the property over to a new management team. Bottom line: renting through Campus East right now is a mistake; they specialize in taking advantage of residents.

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