Sorry. You’re just not girlfriend material

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If we have never spoken on the phone, yet we have had sex on numerous occasions, you are not, and probably never will be, my girlfriend. So please stop the sexting if you want to be treated with respect.

I understand text messages are easier to send than calling these days, but when did it become okay to allow that to be our only form of communication?

There’s a reason why he refuses to answer the phone, yet texts you back immediately after the phone stops ringing. Chances are, he’s probably with his other girl.

This article is dedicated to the girls who have settled to be the boo and not the girlfriend, the “Ms. Right Now” instead of “Ms. Right”, and the freak in the sheets and the hoe of the week. Have some self-respect!

Why lay on your back for a man that you know would not speak to you if there was no sex involved?

Most guys know what type of girl you are long before they approach you.  We’ve done our homework.

There is typically a perfectly logical reason to why a senior male is showing you so much interest as a freshman. It rarely, if ever, has anything to do with your conversation skills. Trust me, it probably is because of your lack of intelligence.

It does not take long to change from a new student, to a freshman freak on this campus. So watch what you do.

And this is not just for the freshmen. Many of you already know that there are plenty of sophomore strumpets, junior jump-offs, and senior skanks walking this campus.

I believe Dave Chappelle said it best when he said that if the female body were stock, it would be plummeting right now since many females have just flooded the market with it.

Stop expecting men to respect and appreciate you if you fail to respect and appreciate yourself. If you are not “wifey” material just yet, then that is fine. But work toward changing that.

Being a respectable and responsible woman is more important than rocking a man’s world. Get an education in the classroom and not just the dorm room.

Try to learn a skill that does not involve a special trick with your tongue. And for God’s sake, stop trying to convince yourself that your actions are normal when in reality you are just tricking off.

In the words of Ms. Stacie Bailey, “if your heels are higher than your GPA, you need to get your priorities together.”

Quit being a statistic and realize that your chances of finding a good man may be slim to none if this applies to you. So please be mindful of what you do and say at all times.

Always remember that if your “body count” exceeds the number of followers you have on twitter, or if you are only invited to his room/apartment between the hours of 12 a.m. -5 a.m., then maybe there is a reason why you are a lonely black woman.

Our black women have gone from being too strong to get a man, to now being too weak-minded to train one.

Stop being a slave to his penis and become the master of your vagina. Stop handing it out as if it were a refund check.

Educated black women are supposed to be the “cream of the crop”. Yet it appears that gaining access to your underwear is so easy that a caveman can do it. Get it together!

I feel like it has become painfully obvious that spreading your legs is not the key to happiness.

So let’s try and have some self-control, if not, you will forever be a boo and never someone’s girlfriend.