Georgia’s Peaches Snap Back

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They are back! The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back for another season. The season opened with a premiere that gives a sneak peek of what has been going on. NeNe remarried her ex-husband. Phaedra has a new house and new baby, “President.” Cynthia continues to brand her business, while Kenya is back in town causing mayhem. Kandi is trying to find a balance between her family and new fiancé. On the other hand, Porsha is trying to cope with being separated from her husband, Kordell Stewart.

NeNe and Gregg Leakes start a new life as newlyweds, again. Fresh from her wedding, NeNe opens wedding gifts from her affluent friends. NeNe is surprised and elated at the gifts she received. Gregg feels like an outcast because NeNe is only concerned about herself.

 Porsha Stewart continues to make an effort to mend her marriage, after finding out about her divorce on Twitter. While visiting her divorce lawyer, Randy Kessler, Porsha went into detail about an upcoming deposition. However, Stewart wants to make a list of ways to fix her marriage.

Cynthia’s company moved into a new space, but her husband Peter Thomas owns the building.  Does anyone else think that this is a replay of season three? Although Cynthia is happy to move her business, she was displeased to know that Peter purchased the building without her knowledge. To top things off, her money went into the purchase as well. Were her mother and sister right at the wedding?

Since last season, Kandi and Todd got engaged, but Mama Joyce is not a fan. Kandi lets it be know that she is not engaged to any “scrub.” Mama Joyce thinks Todd proposed to Kandi for personal gain. Kandi disagrees with her mother’s opinion. Kandi seeks to mend the relationship between her mother and Todd. Kandi wants her mother to want to be happy with her decision to marry Todd.

After a very emotional deposition, Porsha returns to her family. She explained how honest Kordell was when he admitted cruel details of their marriage. Kordell admitted to locking his wife out of their house. Kordell was sure that his marriage was over. Porsha’s mother, Diane, chimed in for support, saying Kordell was “the wrong one.” It was also hurtful that to hear that Kordell only visited his wife one time after a miscarriage. Diane also questioned whether Kordell married Porsha to uphold a certain status and to dispel the rumors of him questioning his sexuality.

We can not forget “Ms. Gone with the wind fabulous” herself Kenya Moore. After burning bridges with most of the girls and not talking to anyone for months, no one wants to deal with Kenya. NeNe invited Kenya to her wedding, but did not get a response.  NeNe tried to avoid Kenya throughout the night, but of course, that did not go as planned.

During Cynthia’s event, the two go head-to-head after months of being apart. They both had things they wanted to discuss about situations that happened in the past. Including, Kenya still not being over her “ex-boyfriend,” Walter. She is even more upset that NeNe invited him to her wedding. NeNe, on the other hand was upset that Kenya did not come to her wedding. As if talking about this at Cynthia’s event was not enough, Kenya gets a little physical and pulls on NeNe’s ear. Is the beginning of a war between Miss USA and Mrs. Leakes?

From the sneak peek, it seems like we are in for quite a season. Divorce, edgy relationships, marriages and friendships will be tested.

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  • Prince Adams, Contributor