Movie Review: The haunting in conneticut

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When the house you have just rented has a dank, creepy basement with a mysterious door to a room of unknown purpose, and on top of that it was previously used for necromancy, would you still live in it? Probably not.

However, “The Haunting of Connecticut,” which is based on a true story, follows the Campbell family who moves into a rental home so they can put their eldest son, who is cancer-stricken, closer to the clinic where he is receiving experimental treatment.

Constrained between economic realities and difficult emotional truths, they stay put even after discovering that their new house was a former mortuary with a dark history. Naturally, Matt likes the idea of his bedroom being in the basement.

He likes it a little less when he begins experiencing radical behavioral shifts and visions begin to appear suggesting a creepy presence in the mysteriously sealed-up room next door.

Since he is the first one being targeted by this strange phenomenon, he is seen upon his family as being crazy and is eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Soon, the experiences spread to the rest of the family and it becomes worse. 

Meanwhile, Matt’s sister Wendy, along with younger brother Billy and niece Mary, have literally stumbled upon a secret stash of photographs and a tin box full of eye-lid trimmings. Some really scary things happen, and it comes down to Matt to save his family from ghosts of the past.

The film, from first-time feature director Peter Cornwell, delivers some genuinely grisly imagery and a slew of ectoplasm.

Even though the grisly images on the previews might have you jumping out of your seats to go see this horror flick, it may come to a slight disappointment that it is only a conventional storyline but will find that it is definitely a flick that will give you a good scare.

“The Haunting in Connecticut” is definitely a must-see horror movie for those who has been waiting to see a horror flick that creeps you out. It forces you to think twice before moving into a genuinely nice house that seems too good to be true and finding an honest realtor.

  • Chelsea King