Way too many ‘Awkward Moments’

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“That Awkward Moment” is a romantic comedy about a bromance between three, late single guys in their late 20s living in New York City. They are former college buddies who eventually became longtime friends. Now, they are trying to figure out what the future holds.

Jason, played by Zac Efron, Mikey, played by Michael B. Jordan, and Daniel played by Miles Teller, have their ups and downs as friends and in relationships. When Mikey suddenly becomes single again, they all decide to take on the city one woman at a time.

The motto of the movie is “nothing good comes after the word so, especially if a woman is saying it.” Jason, who is very arrogant, constantly repeats their motto throughout the movie. Mikey is an emergency room doctor who struggles to reconcile his relationship with his wife. All while Daniel is secretly falling for his best girl pal.

The plot of the movie could have been deeper because an hour and a half did it no justice. This film is a basic guide on guys. It is nothing that you would not catch while hanging around a group of guys.

It is also a good movie for anyone to go see, young or old, male or female, everyone will get a laugh out of it.

It is a comedy, so be prepared to laugh throughout the film. There is even a tear jerking moment. “The balance between comedy and sweet romance is not perfectly calibrated — the film leans too heavily on bathroom humor — but the guys seem to be having fun together,” said Claudia Puig, USA TODAY.

 The acting was great. The actors had a natural, realistic bond with each other as if they all had been friends for years.

The stylist of the film did a very good job at dressing the actors and actresses. Numerous movie critics have seen it as the male version of “Sex in the City.” The movie trailer contains a few spoilers.

“That Awkward Moment” lacked the hype of the trailer. It is a good Valentine’s Day movie to go see that is not a chick flick. If you go to see the film, make sure you stay around for the bloopers.

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  • Cora Taft Register Contributor