Emotional Promiscuity and the New Age

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The other day, as my friends and I participated in our usual girl talk, an interesting issue came to surface: emotional affairs. We were discussing past relationships and involvements, when I realized that I often participate in these affairs, but was not quite sure why they were reoccurring flings for me.

“Emotional affairs” are quick involvements that do not require sexual interaction, but rather base themselves off of intellectual and emotional in- teraction. These affairs are usu- ally mind and heart-opening

conversations which easily sur- pass small talk. These conver- sations touch on the topics of fear, pain, joy, and hurt, rather than the peaks of our day and the enjoyable summer weather.

Through these college years, I have yet to become seriously involved with any guy. This is not a fact of lone- liness, I simply have not been in a time or space where I feel ready for any possible relation- ship. Even still, I continue to engage in emotional affairs.

There are only a few things that could spark my interest in these quick flings of emo- tional looseness. The lead- ing cause: single’s annoyance.

There are times, when my life lacks male energy. Sometimes I need to be away from my group of friends, and indulge in the company of a man. I have guy friends, but I’d rather blush in the company of a male interest than kick back like one of the bros. Emotional affairs allow for me to relish a male’s presence by way of good conversation, good laughs and, usually good looks.

My emotional promiscuity is also sparked by excitement. Emotional affairs provide a change of scenery. I enjoy the ultimate thrill of hanging out with someone for the first time. It is interesting to get to know another being through their con-

versation and energy. After all, deeper conversation enables me to understand alternative views on topics I’ve already formed opinions on. Dialogue often in- troduces me to new ideas and in- terests. My musical pallet grows from my emotional affairs, and I adopt new outlooks on strug- gles which many people face.

Emotional affairs can be tricky. It is incredibly hard to stay in a platonic re- lationship once you have made someone emotion- ally comfortable and open.

After my first, these open encounters with guys, became predictable in the sense that guys would expect for our con-

versation to become spontane- ous venting sessions. Once this occurs, like clockwork, guys I have dealt with expect me to form mutual feelings towards them as well as an interest in advancing the relationship. I al- most always deny this advance- ment, identifying what we had to be a fling of emotional lust.

Emotional affairs are fulfill- ing ways to bring excitement into your romantic life. They are quick to enter, if you are in- viting, and make those around you feel comfortable enough to be fearlessly open. These flings are also hard to exit if you are the person not interested in pro- gressing things, or if you are

the person who quickly gains spiritual ties from sharing your emotions. They are fun to ex- perience, but annoying to break away from if you had no true interest in the other person.

As you would in a sexual affair, be sure to protect your- self. Do not pull yourself in too deep if you are not ready for any true romantic out- comes. Until then, have fun being emotionally liberated!

Jana Shaw – Word Editor

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