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Trends come and go as like seasons. Whether it is fashion, slang, or pop culture some habits are hard to break. The staff has decided to put together a list of trends for you all. We just have one question: poppin’ or nah?  – K.P.

1. Ombre hair? 2. Camo pants? 3. Leggings? 4. “YYYYYYAAAAAASSSSS!!!!”? 5. Ghetto nail art?

6. Basketball shorts instead of real pants? 7. Monroe piercing? 8. “You tried it!”? 9. Cornrows with no hang time? 10. Twerking videos? 11. Vine? 12. Uggs? 13. Counterfeit Coach? 14. Rihanna?  15. Jennifer Hudson’s career? 16. Miley Cyrus and her “urban” image? 17. Basketball Wives? 18. Distressed jeans?

19. Jeffrey Campbell? 20. Marley braids?

  • Kourtney Pope Scene Editor