20 Questions

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1. So how about that “lock down”? 2. Did you feel secure? 3. Were those Ebony votes secured? 4. You know there’s a such thing as screenshot right? 5.  Who’s the Preeminence 2020 bandit ? 6. How many people are going to the “optional” classes Friday ? 7.How many of y’all are going to express the option not to go ?8.How many of you asked for extra credit opportunities ? 9.How many of your professors hit you with “or nah” ? 10.During lock down did parking services make bank? 11.Was your car on lock down? 12.Is Sterling about to get clipped by the Clippers? 13.Who’s seen Chris Paul’s “12 Years A Clipper” picture? 14.  Are the Clippers the new plantation? 15. How many of y’all turned into black activists over night? 16.Was social media your guiding light? 17.Did your NAACP membership card come in ? 18.Speaking of NAACP, how much did Sterling pay for that Lifetime Achievement Award? 19.*Sniff around* is that corruption we smell ? 20.Furthermore, how exactly does one win two Lifetime Achievement Awards ? THANKS !?!