A&T gives back to the community through the Legacy Clothing Food Drive

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Pickering & Company and the A&T Register have partnered up from April 13-29 to sponsor the A&T Legacy Clothing and Food Drive.

The A&T Legacy Clothing and Food Drive was started to aid the less fortunate in the community through Greensboro Urban Ministries.

The clothing and food drive was organized as a contest to encourage students to participate so that they not only helped the needy but could also benefit themselves as well.

According to the contest rules, for every five clothing items donated or every three nonperishable food items donated students could earn an hour of community service.  The rules specified that only clothes that were in good condition and thoroughly washed were accepted, and shoes also had to be “in wearable condition and fully laced”. 

For food items, community service hours could be obtained for donating as much as three individual packs of Ramen noodles though. 

At the end of each week, the students who donated the most items would be rewarded not only with community service hours but also with NxLevel White Party tickets, a spa package from Spa Creations, or any other prize of their choice.

Paul Haizlip, a senior public relations major from High Point and the business manager of the A&T Register, said the event had seen a decent amount of success in a short period of time. Within the second week, the food and clothing drive had over 100 donators and at least 1,000 donations.

“One student actually donated enough items to get him 48 hours for C.A.S.E.,” said Haizlip.  “You only need 50 to graduate, and he did everything right then and there and he’s already done.  He’s actually a junior, so he’s still got two years to go and he’s already done with his community service.

Haizlip also mentioned another student who donated at least 125 of her clothing items to earn 25 community service hours at once.

“Pretty much, you can help somebody by helping yourself.  It’s a great opportunity, a mutually beneficial relationship.

Pickering & Company and The A&T Register are thankful for all the support received for the event from administrators and professors, as well as from his own staff members and the members of the Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

“Honestly, this has been a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and all proceeds are going to Urban Ministries,” said Kenny Flowers, a junior public relations major from Woodbridge, Va., who is also a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. and a member of The A&T Register public relations department.

“It’s been a wonderful experience seeing all the students come out to support this.  I’d like to thank NxLevel and Pickering & Company for donating clothes and Spa Creations as well just for donating packages, and C.A.S.E. because it goes toward your 50 hours for graduation.  This has been a wonderful experience so we plan to continue this next year and the year after.”

Once the contest is officially closed April 30, all of the donated items will be loaded onto a bus to be taken to one of the Greensboro Urban Ministry sites. In respects to the donators and all other supporters of the A&T Legacy Clothing and Food Drive, Haizlip said, “Great support, we appreciate it. That’s just what we would expect.  Aggie Pride all day!”

The drive continues through today, and you can drop off items at the Union or The A&T Register.

  • Marcus Thompson