Sisters, let’s change our standards to make ourselves happy first

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Why are some beautiful, smart and single women are so bitter? It seems that women are always crying over finding a man, or not feeling complete without one. What is the urgency?

I was in class the other day and the professor asked everyone what their five -year plans were. Some talked about their goals to succeed. Entrepreneurs talked about their future business plans.

One young lady in the class was a junior who was unsure of her future and had given no thought to what she wanted her major concentration to be.

However, she made it clear that in the next five years, she saw herself married with children. It was as if her whole purpose in school was simply to find a husband.

Then, there are some women who blame men for their relationship issues. They are the ones who sit in circles and spend hours talking about how, “Men ain’t no good!” or “The only thing men want nowadays is sex!”

I am not going to lie. Some men do fit that category, but why do they have to be blamed for everything? We all should just take responsibility for our own actions.We walk around campus playing dress-up like we are so grown with tons of life experience, but, in the end, we really don’t know all the answers.

It is amazing to me because we as young, sexy and smart women have so much to offer to this world, yet some would rather offer it to a man.Perhaps everyone just wants to be loved. But what is the necessity for finding a man? Why not let men need us for once?

Why do some women write crazy statuses on Facebook about how a man hurt them so badly? Why do others feel the need to explain all of their emotional baggage within minutes of meeting a man?

Look how far we have come! We have been given so much opportunity to explore our options just by attending college. We do not have to live in that old society where we get married before 30.

What about our minds? Instead of wanting love from a man so desperately, let us love ourselves.

I dare all women who feel insecure to look at themselves in the mirror. Realize that we are women of good health who are able to accomplish anything with and without a mate.Single or not, the necessity for a relationship is not that serious. We can do anything and everything we want!

Find a hobby, join an organization or participate in some community service. Let us show the rest of the world, and ourselves, that we can make ourselves happy! 

  • Eva Pitts