Movie Review: The Final Destination

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Horror movies strive to elicit the emotions of fear, horror and terror from viewers. Their plots frequently involve themes of death, the supernatural or mental illness and also include a central villain.

Well this weekend, the “scary” was not present in the David R. Ellis film, “The Final Destination.” If you saw the first three installments of the franchise, then you would know how the movie goes. The main character has a vision of an impending disaster, and the people that escape are put on the death list.  The survivors must try to beat the list, but we all know that does not happen.

The film was this weekend’s champion in the box office with $28.3 million.  The film surpassed the masked murderer; Michael Meyers in “Halloween II” which brought in $17.4 million and last week’s top-spot film, “Inglourious Basterds,” that made $20 million this weekend. In 2003, “Final Destination 3” opened to $19 million in the box office, so there was some good news for the franchise as far as revenue, but for quality, I just did not see the horror.

“The Final Destination” series is getting real old. The only difference between this one and the others, was that it was in 3D. Hooray for 3D for making it as if I were actually in the movie, but it was still whack! In my mind, the writers should have stopped after the trilogy. Making a fourth is doing  a little too much. Do not get me wrong, it has its moments of “wow that really just happened,” but overall, it is a waste of money to go see.

Grade: D+ 

  • Jonathan Veal