Learning to become an undercover leader

Where are the leaders within the structure of our campus? Those who do things that we don’t really acknowledge or just never see?

We are aware of the leaders who  are a part of the Student Government Association, or other organizations. But, there are more.

Our campus is filled with people who have accomplished a lot of great things, but do not seek the reputation or glamour that other students seek to achieve at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Keyanna Morrow is one of those students. 

After hearing the news of Michael Brown and the incident that occurred in Ferguson Mo., Morrow felt impelled to do something. She organized a campus-wide demonstration that was attended by many students. 

Morrow is a part of many off campus organizations; including Democracy Fellows with Common Cause, a Community Student Ambassador with the Community Center, as well as the Greensboro Youth Council. She is also a peer mentor at Dudley High School. 

Many people remember those who are the face of a movement. Everyone knows about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi, but how many people are aware of those who started movements to benefit others but never reached that level of fame? 

Our society relies on people who are willing to sacrifice time in an effort to better our community. A lot of times these individuals are more vital than we know. People nowadays become involved with causes because they want to be seen or they want to do things for selfish reasons. Although this is not true of all public figures, we need to have a balance of people behind the scenes, who work hard and don’t seek to be recognized, publicly.  

Every firefighter cannot be a fire chief and every police officer cannot be a chief or a captain. 

We need people to take a back seat sometimes. Morrow is certainly happy with taking the backseat as long as she is helping others. 

“No I’m not really concerned with being behind the shadows as long as the outcome of or plan is being accomplished, I don’t have to put my name on it,” said Morrow. 

“Don’t be afraid to take risk and try different things,” Morrow advised. “But also stay within your comfort zone. Don’t try to do something that you don’t approve of or that you feel doesn’t help people,” she said. 

Although we love our campus and think very highly of our university, there is always room for improvement. We often look to people in high positions or offices to do these things for us but maybe it is time that we do for ourselves.

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  • Jordan Alfred Register Contributor