Veterans discriminated against?

In an institute that was instrumental in the fight for equal rights, why are veterans who fought for those rights being treated like second-class citizens?  I served honorably for 24 years and decided to earn a second Masters in IT. I was overcome with disbelief when I decided to use my 9/11 GI Bill benefits. 

When I went to the Office of Veterans and Disability Support (OVDS) to turn in my required paperwork, I was told that my professors are required to sign a paper for the first three months of each semester verifying that I am attending class.  I told Sarah “Penny” Torrence, Veteran’s Clerk, who is not a veteran, that VA does not require this. She only has to verify student registration.  She said veterans were not attending class and taking the money. 

I am a senior retired military soldier responsible for my own actions.  Dropping or failing a class means repayment to the government, which is true for all veteran benefit students. 

Thousands of students receiving financial aid are not required to take paperwork to their professors verifying attendance only veterans and student athletes.  Why are students, who served their country honorably and children of those who continue to serve for our freedom, being discriminated against by the very department designed to support them? 

I took a stand this semester and refused to take this paper to my professors.  The OVDS sent a letter to the VA’s office in Winston-Salem stating that I withdrew from school, which is untrue. 

I received a letter from the VA’s Office in WS requiring me to repay between $8,000-13,000 based on untrue information submitted to the federal government.  Peggy Oliphant viewed my registration and my 4.0 GPA and said she supported what was submitted and that she was not going to correct the problem.  So I ask again, why are veterans discriminated against at NCA&T?-Judith Cannon 

  • Judith Cannon