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As of late, it seems the media had put a positive spin on controversial relationships.

Society’s lust for drama and vicious gossip has begun to overshadow the morals and values many of us have been raised with.  

Take a look at ABC’s new hit TV series “Scandal.”  What is all the hype about?  While the fictious president Fitzgerald Grant’s wife Mellie is pregant with their third child, the president is having an affair with the lead Olivia Pope. To make matters worse, Olivia was Fitz’s go to woman during his presidential campaign.

Perhaps if Fitz treated Olivia right and stopped acting like he can have his cake and eat it, their relationship would thrive. Fitz does not deserve the entire blame though.  Olivia is a grown, educated woman who can distinguish right from wrong.

During the series, she tries to end the affair and ends up being vacuumed right back into the ordeal.

So the question remains, is “Scandal” the classic story of star-crossed lovers, or is Ms. Pope just another home-wrecker? Is President Fitz really romantic, or is he a no good cheater using his status to seduce women?

Viewers and media are quick to call this affair romantic or inspirational. But truthfully, it is not. Olivia and Fitz are no better than Joseline and Stevie J. It seems that today’s culture glorifies adultery and pre-marital sex over traditional marriage.

In recent years, the media has glamorized extramarital and pre-marital relationships, spotlighting sex outside of marriages. Attitudes towards marriage have changed, and are becoming less desirable.

“Scandal” is not the only show with controversial love affairs. ABC Family’s series, “Pretty Little Liars,” is another show with a rather unorthodox relationship. In fact, it is a student- teacher relationship.

Athough the teacher should be in prison and the teenage girl should be grounded until graduation for hooking up with a man in a bar, the two continue their relationship. Her friends constantly go on about how jealous they are of her exciting and illegal relationship.

The media embellishes the idea of sex and taboo romance, but honestly, people should be concerned. Is Hollywood strategically corrupting the minds of viewers, or is it another case of supply and demand?  

The bottom line is, no matter how the media attempts to put a spin on it, Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant are just a glorified Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

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  • Tameika Jackson, Contributor