Where is Miss Senior?

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While elections may have taken place yesterday for the position of Miss Senior, Comeisha Hunt was not on the ballot.

Hunt was elected to serve as Miss Senior in the Spring 2009 elections in an unopposed race. Why Hunt is not currently in her position, according to her, is because of a miscommunication with a professor during finals.

“I didn’t stay around long enough to make sure that my grades were put in correctly,” Hunt said.  “I finished my finals, and then I went home and my grades had not been changed.”

Hunt was removed from her position as Miss Senior in early August, because she did not meet the 2.5 minimum GPA requirement to hold the position. Hunt says that this all could have been avoided had her Calculus Two grade been changed in a more timely manner.

“My calculus two grade was not changed by the time it was supposed to be, which is why my GPA was affected,” Hunt said.

“The grade was finally changed in the fall, so everything is fine now, but I had to wait until school started to get it fixed. I don’t feel that the grade change policy is not fair for students in the spring semester. The professors will not speak with you over the phone or online regarding your grades, and if you leave in the spring you have to wait to see them in person in the fall.”

Per the rules of the Elections Committee, of which Hunt was a former member, they cannot disclose why any candidate or officer is disqualified from their position, but can only state that they have been disqualified.

Hunt does feel that the committee should have given her a chance to explain what happened, because just a few days after she was disqualified, the grade in question was changed.

“I do believe I had the option to come back as Miss Senior, but I didn’t even want to bother with all the hassle,” Hunt said. “It really wasn’t them (Elections Committee), it was more so on me.”

Bryan Tigner, the first elected Mr. Senior, says that he regrets what happened to Hunt, but that he will continue forward with their plans.

“During the summer, we were progressing to have that relationship to have our goals accomplished during the school year, and her being disqualified kind of put a hold on what I had planned to do, because we are an entity,” Tigner said.

“I will just be the official male representative, and I will wait until I get a female representative. She (Hunt) did still say she wanted to continue doing the things she had planned in her platform, so she will still be around.”

  • Dexter R. Mullins