Auto insurance coverage for teen drivers with divorced parents

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When a teenager receives her driver’s license, she often will be added to her parent’s auto insurance policy. But if her parents are divorced, teen car insurance could become a bit confusing.

Insurance companies and states have different policies regarding coverage of additional drivers on an insurance policy, but here are some tips to review if you have a teenage driver with divorced parents:

* If your son has access to driving vehicles at both parent’s houses, then both parents might need to add him to their individual policies. Some companies will advise divorced parents that the parent with custody during the school year carry the teenage driver. Both parents may want to contact their insurance companies to find out what is recommended for their situation.

* Almost every state requires licensed drivers to carry auto insurance, which includes teen drivers, even those with a permit. All 50 states do stipulate that even if auto insurance isn’t required, if a driver causes a crash, he must be able to pay for any liabilities, according to One Sure Insurance. If you have a teenager in your household who may be on your former spouses’ insurance, it may be a good idea to find out if your insurance would cover your teen – especially if he were to cause a crash while driving your car.

* Safe driving techniques can help all family members save money on car insurance. Teaming up with your former spouse to encourage, educate and even monitor your teen might help to make her a better driver. Car crashes are the No. 1 cause of death for teenagers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

No matter which parent carries their teenager’s insurance, both can set rules for the use of the car. Here are some suggestions:

* Prohibit cell use and texting when in the car.

* Limit the number of passengers in the car when your teen is driving.

* Establish a boundary of where your daughter can take the car.

* Encourage your son to call you at any time for a ride if he feels he, or another driver, isn’t fit to drive – no matter what the situation is.

* Require everyone – drivers and passengers – to wear seatbelts.

Having a teenage driver in the family is always an exciting time for everyone. If you have a change in your family situation, contact your insurance agent to determine if any changes are needed for your family policy.