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When is Tupac coming back?

Guy#1 Why does everybody think that Pac is coming back? Tupac Shakur got killed after the Tyson fight. That’s as simple as I can put it. But believe Suge Knight had him set up. Tupac is gone, but he left us his music to continue his legacy.

Guy#2 Probably on December 21, 2012. He’s probably going to drop another album with Dre. Forreal, see you think I’m playing. Tupac’s whole death was a publicity stunt. The government probably hid him down in the Carribean or somewhere in Africa.

Guy#3 He’s coming back when they find a way to bring people baack from the dead. People need to just accept that once they’re gone they are not coming back. If he was coming back he would have came by now.

Who is your favorite movie character?

Guy#1 My favorite movie character? Probably Denzel in training day. I know I’ve watched that movie about a million times. Denzel got right in that one. My favorite part is when he get shot up at the end.

Guy#2 Now that we talking bout Pac, I’d have to say the best is probably Tupac in Juice. He really went crazy in that movie. He was trying to kill everyone. Tupac was way more than just a rapper or musician. That’s what people don’t understand.

Guy#3 Smoky from Friday. Actually, everybody in that movie did their thing. I mean, the names Debo, Craig, and Ezell will live in imphamy. Friday is just the classic hood movie. I mean every hood in America has a Big Worm. True or not?

Who is the best rapper alive?

Guy#1 You gotta say 50. I mean he got all the money. I mean 50 cent sold records and got mad business plans. I heard Vitamin water got him like 250 million. At the end of the day you rap so that you can make money. 50 got money.

Guy#2 Jay got to be the nicest rapper alive! I mean come on. What other rapper owns part of a professional basketball team? And then tell me what rapper brings the team to his hometown. In ten years HOV still going to be killing these young cats on the mic.

Guy#3 Off the top of my head I would have to say 3 stacks. His wordplay and metaphors are like nobody elses. Him and big boy could still be killing the game if they wanted to. Everybody was playing “Ms. Jackson” back in the day. Yea definitely Andre.

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