Megan Rochell: The One You Need

Megan Rochell, a new hot artist, from Brooklyn , New York , has just recently been signed on to Def Jam. With her hit song, “The One You Need” and her most recent song, “Floating,” she has many people wondering who this she is. I was able to interview Rochell before she performed on A&T’s campus Sept. 14.Ashley: What brings you here to A&T?

MR: Well, I gotta show A&T who Megan Rochell is because I know you know you guys may not be too familiar with me or my music.So, I just wanted to come and show love and let everybody know I’m Def Jam’s finest right now.

Ashley: You have recently signed on to Def Jam, tell me more about the transition and how do you like it?

MR: I love it. It’s definitely a blessing. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. No other label. Def Jam is definitely the machine that you want behind you, to get you out there, you know, so it’s all good.

Ashley: How did you end up with Def Jam?

MR: Well, I met Nate Morris from Boys II Men, who now manages me and he introduced me to L.A. Reid, then to Def Jam. And then in the building I’m like, “Wow, I’m in Def Jam right now, this is crazy.” I sang for L.A., and there I was Jan.’05, and he was like yea you want do it and I was like ok, so do I.

Ashley: You have been singing ever since you were young, so what or who has been your inspiration?

MR: Well, my inspiration was God. God is the one that gave me this gift. He is the one that has allowed me to share this with everyone else, so I gotta give Him the credit. As far as musically, umm, Brandy, I love Brandy. I have been listening to Brandy since I was little. I’ll never stop listening to her -umm- Lauren Hill, Mary J, Aaliyah, Whitney, Mariah – the real pioneers of R&B.

Ashley: So you have been able to work with a lot of different artists, who has been your favorite artist to work with?

MR: I probably have to say Chris Brown. That is my little buddy. He is just so humble and so unique. His passion and dedication behind his music is so amazing to me because you don’t really find a lot of artists out right now that is serious about what they’re doing. You know, they are either in it for the fame or in it for the money. and you know it’s not real. And he’s like me, that’s why I like him so much. He’s so into himself.

Ashley: What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t singing?

MR: I would be doing something in music, definitely whether it be with music, you know writing, managing my own artists-it would definitely be in music, because this is what my life is built on.

Ashley: Why should A&T go and get the album?

MR: Because it’s not like any album that is out right now. If you love R&B, and you know, if you’re fans of Brandy, Lauren, Mary, and all these, you know, great artists that solidify what R&B is, then you’re gonna love it because it’s real songs-you know, songs that have verses, bridges, choruses, you know what I’m saying. A lot of people don’t know what that is now.  It’s crazy-that’s how much music has changed. But um, you have to buy the album because it is so real. You’re gonna be able to relate to it-female, male-it doesn’t matter. The melody; tracks are hot. Everything about it is hot. and it stands out.

Ashley: So are you enjoying the black college tour?

MR: Yea, yes, because you know, it gets people familiar with me, if they don’t already know me or if they haven’t heard my songs on the radio, you know what I’m saying. It’s major exposure, you know, it gives people a chance to see that I’m a down to earth person. I’m very humble, yet passionate and serious about my music

  • Ashley Withers