Ask A Black Guy

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Would you say that young men such as the Greensboro Four are still around today?


Guy #1 I think so. But the struggle is just not the same. I firmly believe that if faced with the same issues our generation would stand and deliver. However we do not have to march for equality. We do not have to overcome the white man. We do not have to worry about being second-class citizens. We do have to worry about battling ourselves though. I think the battles we face are more internal. So the soldiers that we do have now kind of go unnoticed because they aren’t standing on the front lines. They are professors, doctors, and have simple jobs that change the world as opposed to being civil rights activist and things such as that.

Guy #2 The Greensboro Four were great for what they did. However, the expansion of the movement shows that although they were the first, they were simply people responding to events that they had been facing all their lives. Sort of like black fraternities and sororities. Yes Alphas and AKAs may have been the first, but we all know black Greeks were coming eventually. My point is, I think these men were great, but they were ordinary people put in extraordinary positions. And given the opportunity, this generation could do the same.

Guy #3 I wish I could say yes but I really don’t think so. I think the Civil Rights Movement was a movement like no other. So to think that we have more soldiers out here like that today is very far fetched. I think the younger generation has nothing to fight for so they would never know how to react in a situation like that.


What are your views on plus size women?


Guy #1 I think they are nice girls but I’m not trying to date any of them. I have quite a few big friends, but they know that we will never date. It’s nothing against them, but I’m not attracted to anyone who has to be considered plus size. I know they need love too. But they just won’t be getting it from me.

Guy #2 I love big women! Plus size is too nice of a phrase for me. If you’re big then you’re big. Don’t try and cover it up with nice phrases because we all see that you are a big woman. But with that being said, no one cares! I love big women who know they are big, but still show off their sexiness. There is nothing sexier than a woman who uses her imperfections as a means of empowerment. Always know that no matter how big or skinny you are someone loves you regardless. And I am that someone!

Guy #3 I only like big girls who take care of themselves. There is a difference between being sloppy and being big. In the black community we know that being big can be genetic so it is pointless to deny these women. But I love women who try and take care of their appearance. So in essence I guess your size has nothing to do with it. As long as you take care of yourself I support you.


Why are sports so important to men?


Guy #1 Not all men find it important. I enjoy watching sports, but I’m not a die-hard sports fan. I think most guys like the competition to it though. It gives us a chance to be apart of something that is bigger than ourselves. A community full of football fans or a community full of basketball fans is easier for guys to relate to than a community full of Sex and the City fans.

Guy #2 Because I’ve grown up watching them and playing them. Sports are a huge part of our culture. It’s liberating to sit down with a bunch of guys and watch any sporting event. It’s as American as apple pie. I think sports are not only important to men, but also important to our society. Women who actually take the time to pay attention and learn the rules seem to love sports just as much as I do so I don’t think this is a man thing.

Guy #3 What else am I supposed to like? Sports are one of the only things on TV today that are catered to men. Shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, The Game, and 16 & Pregnant are mostly for women to be honest. So its not that I love sports, I’d just rather watch that and relate to that. The rest of the shows are simply garbage.