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Tyler Perry has added yet another movie to his empire. “Why Did I Get Married Too?” is Perry’s first sequel.

The movie’s first installment, “Why Did I Get Married” was a big hit with most audiences, even Perry’s more critical viewers.

It one of the few movies that were not remakes of his infamous plays.

“Why Did I Get Married” was basically about a four couples, who are all college friends, and their marriages…and marriage problems.

The movie ended with three out of the four marriages still intact; Shelia and Mike divorced and Shelia married Sherriff Troy. “Why Did I Get Married Too?” picks up three years after “Why Did I Get Married” ended.

Some of the couples have solved their problems from the last movies, some have new problems, and others are still dealing with the same ones. The movie begins similar to its predecessor, with their annual married couples retreat, and then follows the couples back to their home lives.

The full original cast returns for the film’s sequal. Tyler Perry, in one of his few non-drag roles, actually does a pretty good job playing – by his standards – a normal character. He does let his Madea voice slip in a couple heated scenes, but overall he blends in well with the cast and reminds audiences that he can act as well as he can direct.

Janet Jackson delivers in every way. Her character’s story line differs dramatically from the first movie and Jackson showed she was up for the challenge. Her emotional range was moving. In my opinion this was one of her most dynamic roles and I believe she did a great job, especially considering her brother Michael died while this she was working on the movie.

I believe Jill Scott’s performance may go underrated. However not once throughout the movie did I watch her and see Jill Scott, she was transparent enough to become her character, something a lot of singers are not able to do. Her roles in both “Why Did I Get Married?” films and her HBO Series are proof that she is quickly becoming a great actress.

One actress that I was not too impressed by was Tasha Smith. Smith plays Angela, and despite her characters outrageous, bigger-than-life personality, Smith took it too far. She overacted throughout the movie and turned my once favorite character into one of the most annoying parts of this movie. She screamed half her lines! Her voice alone was enough to make a person leave the theater.

The movie is great until the end of the film. The first 110 minutes were great; it was the final 11 that killed it. Whether you like it or not, the ending will shock you. In an effort to break his “predictable” stigma Perry definitely pushes his usual mold, what is questionable is if he took it too far.

I honestly believe this was a great movie that fell short of its potential. A better ending could have earned it an A. No matter the grade, the movie opened at #2 in the Box Office and has grossed over 40 million since it premiered two weekends ago. I believe they said it best on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, no matter what we all think or say Perry is at home counting his money!  

  • Sylvia Obell