Attempted off-campus robbery leaves one student with minor injuries

A break in occured off of Bluford Street, at an off-campus residence occupied by four A&T students and two nonstudents.

North Carolina A&T police were the first on the scene. A&T Police Chief Glenn Newell reported that two nonstudents broke into the house leaving one student with minor head injuries who was treated at Sebastian Health Center. Though students around the incident heard shots being fired, no one was shot.

According to a release from special assistant to the Vice Chancellor, Mable Scott of the Development and University Reations, the two masked suspects entered the leased off-campus residence at approximately 1:15 p.m. in an attempted robbery. The reports confirmed that the student’s injuries did not require hospital attention and that a campus lock-down was not necessary.

The masked suspects who fled the scene are no longer on campus and A&T Police and Public Saftey have increased their patrols on and off-campus. A&T police provided reassurance for campus occupants by walking through Frazier Hall and Noble, which are located opposite the incident.

One resident who saw the two men running from behind the house described one of the men as tall with dreads and the other short with a mohawk haircut.

“I stood right outside my house and watched them turn the corner and when I turned around, the police were on this corner. “

One of the residents of the house explained that someone ran in and fired a shot.

“I wasn’t in the livingroom; the people who shot ran out the back door and we jumped out the window,” he said.

“I saw the guy I didn’t recoginze with a black ski mask on and a grey hoodie-type joint with red sleeves.”

Both the witness and resident asked to remain anonymous.

  • Stacie Bailey and Kelcie McCrae