Local music lessons that ‘sound creative’

Senior liberal studies major Ricky Alexander said that he has always been a drummer and came out of his mother’s womb with a pair of drumsticks.

“It’s always been inside of me to play the drums and I just want to share what I have with the world,” Alexander said.  Which is why in July of 2005, he came to establish Sounds Creative.

Sounds Creative is a business that offers music lessons to people on any instrument, from piano to drums.  Alexander said that his slogan is “It Sounds Creative only when you make it,” because he wants to build up musicians with their own authentic sound. 

Alexander said that his own musical inspirations came from his pastor, gospel drummers, and non-gospel drummers such as Spanky, Calvin Rodgers, Steve Smith and Joe Morello.

His inspiration to go into business came from people constantly asking him who taught him how to play. 

“What inspired me to do Sounds Creative is I wanted to do something where I could show somebody else how to play the drums,” said Alexander. 

“I just really want to show people how to play, and that’s really the bottom line.  Right now we’re just doing percussion instruments. 

That means if you want to learn how to play the drums, snare drums, bongos, timpani, or any percussion instrument I could show you how to play that.” 

Lessons are broken down into increments of 45 minutes and one hour.  Charges are $20 for 45 minutes and $30 for one hour, based upon the time frame of the individual and how they want to schedule the appointment.  Appointments can be scheduled Monday through Friday, and weekends after 5:30. 

Alexander said that he usually works with kids but lessons are open to anyone in any age group who has an interest to learn to play.

Alexander stated that he is currently working alone, but he is trying to recruit more musicians to partner with him to expand his business so more lessons can be taught on a greater variety of instruments.

The Greensboro native said that even though he knows music of many forms, from Latin to gospel to jazz, he still wants to employ others to teach so that more people who desire to learn can be serviced. But his vision goes beyond simply expanding the numbers of his clientele.

Alexander said, “What I want to do ultimately is form a school of music, a music academy that does not only music, but vocal and the arts, such as dance, ballet, chorus and orchestra.  I want to evolve into all of that. And that’s what I will evolve into later on in the years.”

Alexander said that he is already in talks of getting a new classroom at 1031 Triton Plaza on Summit Avenue.  He stated that his goal is to build his academy within four to five years so he is already working on bringing more musicians and reaching out to kids as well to bring his complete dream into reality. 

“Ultimately, Sounds Creative is a way to witness and bring more people to Christ and to inform more people about music,” he said. 

“There are a lot of people out there who wish that they could have learned to play music while they were young and I want to bring that back to them and let them know that they can still learn and it’s not hard.”

The business-savvy musician has said that A&T has contributed greatly to his growth and he considers being a black entrepreneur a great success because there are so few in the world.  He said that he hopes for his own contribution to the world to speak more of A&T.

With models such as the A&T Four and others produced in the Aggie nation, he said that he feels there is a greater standard to be met within the Black community.

“Being a part of A&T and being a black male in the United States, it makes me take more pride in my school because I’m walking history right now.  It inspires me to go after greatness because I’m a great man,” said Alexander.

Another phrase that inspires the young entrepreneur is “I’m too great to be this far behind.” 

“Greatness is within and that is something that I will just continue to recycle within my mind,” Alexander said.

“I’m a great man and I know that I am great.  I want to let the world know that I am great, just by how I handle myself, having a unique character and a character that draws people to me.”

  • Marcus Thompson