‘No Good Deed’ is scary, suspenseful thriller

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A Black Thriller/Horror? In a highly “unpigmented” Hollywood, film lovers never get to see a horror story that has a remarkable ensemble, and has a shocking, yet thriller narrative. 

Aside from the disappearance of great genera, we are introduced to “No Good Deed.” Thrill isn’t the word that captures this film. Although in the trailer, we get a tiny taste of that jaw dropping, nail biting, stimulating feature in film that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention and does not let go until the unexpected finish. Granted, the trailer seems to give an entertaining experience, what woman does not want Idris Elba in their home? 

Idris Elba takes on the role as Colin Evans, a compulsive, demented convict.  We get an opportunity to see Idris Elba in a vicious role, a scene we rarely get to see when it comes to the intoxicating Elba. On the other hand, Taraji P. Henson plays Terri, an innocent, protective mother, who will not stop protecting herself, and loved ones.  Again, we are introduced to a victimized and innocent Taraji P. Henson who happens to play the role with such eloquence.

After watching “No Good Deed,” women would not want Idris Elba in their home, or around their children, while their husband is away. Idris Elba’s character portrays a malignant narcissist, a man of strong unsubmitting will, who is determined to have his way. If his fairy tale did not come to past, he destroyed everything in sight, without remorse. This was definitely an interesting role for Elba considering his usual, good, strong black man image, well, except in “Takers.” Let us not forget that he played the in the remarkable, “Nelson Mandela,” starring as Nelson Mandela. Elba proved to act in various roles besides what viewers have already seen.

Considering her protective role in the shocking thriller, Taraji P. Henson’s character displayed her strong protective will over her family. She represented all mothers who would result to extreme measures to save her family. With all the horrific events that she found herself in, she never stopped fighting. This desperate, yet determined mother was a different role for Henson, yet she delivered well. “Think Like a Man” and “No Good Deed” are indeed on opposite sides of the playing field. 

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