20 Questions_February 3, 2010

1. Why is Taylor Swift still getting sympathy awards?

2.  Does she owe her career to Kanye from now on?

3. Do you think they told Kanye he wasn’t allowed to come so no one else would get interrupted?

4. Aren’t you tired of Michael Jackson tributes by now?

5. Can we just let the man rest in peace?

6.  Is it okay to have his children accept awards from him already?

7. Where was “Blanket?”

8. So when will Joe Jackson make the kids do an album?

9. Did anybody else see the “Precious” look-alike dancing on the stage?

10. Did you talk about her on Twitter like we did?

11. How did you feel about the 3D glasses?

12.  Did you have some just lying around at the house?

13.Does your TV even support 3D pictures?

14. Why did it still not work even when you got the glasses?

15. Did Ray-J pick the right person?

16. Doesn’t Mz. Berry remind you of the woman in the movie “Misery?”

17. Do you think she would tie Ray down and beat him with a sledge hammer if he got out of line?

18.  Didn’t you think the other plane was to take Platinum home?

19. How messed up was it that she had to wait in the car and watch them leave?

20. How long do you think they will last?