20 Questions

1. When did “prom hair” come back (A.K.A. “Weave Pony Tails”)?2. Why don’t we get out for “spring break” when it’s actually spring?3. How come some of “us” don’t know how to act when it gets warm outside?4. Why does everybody hang out in the street …literally ?5. Do we need a crossing guard on campus?6. Did anybody go to the senior class meeting?7. How many of us still haven’t paid our $35 graduation fee?8. How many of us knew about Cap and Gown orders?9. Isn’t it about time Denzel won an Oscar?10. Does everybody have a Nokia 3390 phone (A.K.A. “The lil’ navy blue one”)?11. Were they on special or what?12. How many of us remember when cell phones used to be big like the one Jay-Z had in the “Song Cry” video?13. Who went to go see “State Property” (bootleg showings don’t count)?14. Did it even play in Greensboro?15. We know we’re kind of late but…when did they start sending mid-term grades home?16. Why do the people with “decent refunds” wait until the last minute to send off their taxes every year?17. Is it hot enough to start skipping class yet?18. This question is for upperclassmen …when was the last time you hung out on the strip?19. When is somebody gonna send us some questions?20. Why is it April already?