Technology gadgets perfect for senior drivers

While technology toys might seem to be dedicated to the young – and the young at heart – the truth is that technology can benefit everyone, including seniors. Some of this technology is for play, but if you are a senior and looking for easier ways to get into, or even operate your car, there are plenty of devices designed to help get things done easier and faster.

There are now technology toys available that are designed especially for seniors and can do everything from helping to prevent you from getting lost to enabling you to see pedestrians and other vehicles that might be lurking in your blind spots to assisting you in maneuvering your car.

For example, push button controls on the steering wheel for the radio, heat and air conditioning are becoming more and more prevalent and allow senior drivers to keep their hands on the wheel, and their eyes on the road. Fiddling with the radio or searching for a CD to play are examples of some of the many distracted driving behaviors tracked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National Survey of Distracted and Drowsy Driving Attitudes and Behaviors. The survey found that 1.92 billion trips are taken each week with drivers admitting to spending time changing the radio station or looking for CDs.

In addition to keeping eyes on the road, other push-button controls on the driver’s seat are allowing seniors to swivel, raise, lower and adjust the seat so a person can easily get in and out of the car, and once behind the wheel, see traffic clearly though the windshield.

Some car manufacturers are also equipping cars with sensors to help all drivers see better. These sensors can provide you with information if there is another car in the “blind spot” or something is behind your car as you’re attempting to back up. This can be very helpful if you have difficulty turning to peer out the rearview mirror, or have trouble hearing sounds – even with a hearing aid.

Equipping your car with global positioning systems or in-vehicle communication services can also help boost your safety factor. GPS devices allow you to easily navigate new or confusing locations without looking at directions or a map, and in-vehicle communication can provide you with safety and security services should you need emergency help while you’re in your car. If you have a need for reading glasses, GPS devices will be very helpful, because you won’t have to stop your car to peer at a map to determine where you are, or where you want to be.

As you consider adapting your car with new and helpful technology, also consider reviewing your auto insurance. Some auto insurance plans for seniors offer ways to save on car insurance, especially if you are driving less or retired. An Internet search will allow you to quickly compare lowest car insurance rates, and examine what services the insurance companies offer.

Decking your car out with some of the latest technology doesn’t have to be just for fun – look into some of the gadgets that can help you drive more comfortably and safely.