National Pet Day and the untold story of cats


Allison Gilmore, Lead Reporter

These days, it seems rare to find a cat lover.

In fact, according to a poll done by the Associated Press, only 43 percent of households own cats.

Cats are hated primarily because of people’s negative experiences. Cats can sometimes come off as mean, and they will let you know if they don’t like you.

When you look past that, however, they are very loving animals. Cats
are gems that nobody seems to look for. They are independent and self- sufficient.

You don’t have to worry about walking them, bathing them, or even playing with them.

They may not run to you in toddler like excitement as a dog would, but when they want to love on you, it almost feels as if it is an honor. Cats are like disinterested, unbothered, reclusive teenagers.

A study from the University of Tokyo confirmed that cats recognize their owner’s voice, they simply do not care enough to move or respond.

Nonetheless, cats are a hit or miss. Some cats are straight out of hell. These are the ones that hide in

strange places to jump out at you and hiss at your every move. Other cats are perfect cuddly friends.

They purr when they sit on your lap and rub their body against your leg showing their utmost affection.

All cat lovers can agree that they wouldn’t trade their fluffy, peculiar pets for the world.

What kind of pet do you have?

 Poll by Victoria Turner, Scene Editor