A&T named school of the month

Students far and near look for financial aid, and to support that effort the Tom Joyner Foundation (TJF) has selected A&T as the October 2006 school of the month.

TJF helps students to continue their education at black colleges and universities. The partnership with A&T will help with scholarship aid for deserving students. Support money is sent directly to the university and is awarded through the financial aid office.

“We need scholarship money for our needy, but deserving students,” said Marvin H. Watkins, interim senior vice chancellor of development and university relations.

The TJF will fundraise and solicit donations from various corporations and A&T will try to get donations from alumni, faculty, staff and members of the community.

Through major corporation and alumni donations, the foundation has been successful in raising more than $35 million, as stated in The Aggie Report.

“It can be a big benefit if it is handled properly,” Watkins said.

The TJF produces a live Sky Show each month that is aired on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. During the show there is a concert, a drawing of participants and major donations are broadcasted.

Three Sky Shows will be held to raise funds for A&T. The Sky Shows are Oct. 13 in Shreveport, La., Oct. 20, Atlanta, Ga. and Oct. 27, Miami, Fla.

“Hopefully the money raised from the Tom Joyner Foundation will benefit students to get scholarship aid that don’t necessarily qualify for financial aid from the government,”?said Chanielle Williams, senior journalism and mass communications major.

In continuing its hard work to support historically black colleges and universities (HBCU), the TJF educates students about some of “American’s Hidden Treasures” through its HBCU tour. The purpose is to expose promising high school students to an education option.

The tour will visit A&T on Oct. 25. “A&T will get a great bit of publicity and exposure,” said Michael Magoon, associate vice chancellor of development and university relations.

More than $80.8 million dollars has been raised for A&T’s capital campaign to raise $100 million. Watkins said money from the foundation can go toward the capital campaign.

Tom Joyner is a radio personality that is in the forefront of promoting HBCUs. He was one of A&T’s commencement speakers.

Donations can be made to The Tom Joyner Foundation and anyone can contribute. For more information call (336) 334-7600.

  • Natalya Monah