Students get hands on experience with health center construction

Thirty-five construction management students joined professors and workers at the site of the new Sebastian Health Center on Sept. 10. Students sought to meet and learn from certified construction workers.

Students who are currently enrolled in the construction documents course (CM150) were afforded the opportunity to gain first-hand experience from professionals. The CM150 course is apart of the Construction Management program where students gain knowledge about the ins and outs of the construction field. As students observed D.H. Griffin construction workers, they were able to ask questions and receive advice about real-life scenarios.

“It is one thing to learn in the classroom, however, it is a totally different thing to gain actual hands on experience out in your field because it allows students to get rid of their initial stage fright,” said Aaron Coles, a junior enrolled in the class.

There are several co-op opportunities for students who are more advanced to become familiar with standard construction protocol. “We want to expose them to the environment that they will be working in, in the future,” said Andrea Ofori-Boadu, a construction management professor. This opportunity also allowed students to build their résumé and provided them experience that will enhance their knowledge about the career.

The new health center will bring variety to A&T’s campus. The 27,000-square foot facility will cost $10 million and will include multiple exam rooms along with a psychological area. “We want the new Sebastian to represent the mind, body and soul,” said Vice Chancellor Andrew Perkins. The purpose of the new health facility is not only to cater to students’ physical needs, but to their emotional and psychological well-being as well.

The idea for the new health center began in 2009 when the university bought the area that is now intended to be the school’s new health center. There were always thoughts of how the university could utilize this space. The property that once consisted of abandoned houses is now a parking lot.

This project started about two years ago and took about a year to design. Nevertheless, the project could take anywhere from three to four years to complete.

The new health center is scheduled to be completed by June, but will officially open in August.

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  • Diamond Young & Yasin Temple, Contributors