Seniors graduate with hopes of finding a job during financial crisis

The National Center of Educational Statistics reports that colleges and universities around the world will award about 1,585,000 bachelor’s degrees this school year, which is up from last year 1,544,000 for the 2007-2008 school years. Where will all these graduates find jobs in this steadily slowing economy?For college seniors who enter college in August of 2005 the unemployment rate is up 1.6 percent from that time. In Guilford County, the unemployment rate has increased from January to September from 5.2percent to 6.7 percent, but from August to September, it has decreased 7.1 percent to 6.7percent. Statewide the unemployment rate in North Carolina is up from 4.9 percent in January to percent in September reported by the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports North Carolina in the top 10 of states with high unemployment rates; North Carolina with 7.0 % and Rhode Island with the highest at 8.8%. Overall, the Unemployment rate for the United States is up 2.6 percent from this time eight years ago. The statistics paint a gloomy picture of what is ahead for graduates of the “Class of 2009”. However the question remains, will the graduates find jobs to sustain life after graduation. College senior Sammie Dow says he plans to attend graduate school after graduation instead of entering the job market. He see’s the present state of the economy as a chance to become better equipped, that way when he is ready to enter the job market he will be fully educated and backed by a masters degree. Because of the economy, more and more college students are considering graduate school, which gives the economy more time to strengthen.Not only is the job market affected by the present state of the economy, those students who choose to go to graduate school instead of entering the job market will still need money to pay for it. Funding for students is also becoming an issue due to the economy also.The graduates of the “Class of 2009” must decide if they can trust what their future holds and believe that change will come. Big companies are trimming down the number of graduates there are hiring but there are still options. One of the best things for college seniors to do is begin their job search early, do not wait to the last minute to send off resumes. And always keep in mind that you are in competition with other seniors just like you from around the world, who are looking for the same jobs. Remember what sets you apart and what makes you the best candidate for the job. Everything that you’ve worked so hard for in the last four years will pay off as you land a good job and enter the job market, or decide to continue your education.Branlyn Mosby, a senior Biology major, is not going into the work force immediately. “As of right now I feel okay, more so because I am going to be continuing my education. The time to fear is ultimately drawing near.  It is not tomorrow, so there is hope.”

  • Brittney Scott