Tear ’em down; build ’em up: Student Union

The grand opening of the expansion of the Student Union was in fact a proud day for administration, faculty and students. On March 22, the official opening began after Chancellor James Renick grabbed a huge pair of wooden scissors to cut through the ceremonial ribbon in a ceremony that lasted about 15 minutes.After the ribbon-cutting, patrons christened the new ballroom with a continental breakfast. Items served were ham and cheese croissants, various pastries and bagels. The highlight of the day came two hours later with the opening of the new food court and the unveiling of its new name.The newly named Aggie Sit-In served samples from its new partners: Pizza Hut, Blimpies and spicy chicken from Tyson’s Sunset Strips. One month ago, there was a “name the new food court” contest. After continuous searching, the winner of the contest was senior broadcasting major Chris Bullard. Bullard came up with the name by mixing the early-’60s struggle with a touch of common sense. “I started thinking about the Aggie Den and what you or I do once we go there,” said Bullard. “You sit and eat your food. “I remember the struggle of the Greensboro Four and it just came up and made sense…sit-in.” Bullard continued by saying that winning the contest is a gift to him as a graduating senior because he was credited with the naming of something meaningful for years to come. Bullard received a $75 certificate for his efforts. To give the sit-in a stylish touch, there is going to be a replica of the famous Woolworth’s lunch counter on the back wallFor four hours on Thursday, patrons came in to the food court to sample the food from the concept brands and drinks from Coca-Cola. Many students are impressed with the products. “I like Blimpies and Pizza Hut because it gives us variety,” said Sherrie Henry.One student likes the concept of one over the others. “I like Blimpies better because I like the non-fattening, lean and low-in-calories foods,” said Mahasan Kearney.As far as the concepts in the new food court goes, a lot of negotiations are still going on. Once of those concerns Chick-fil-a. If Chick-fil-a does not extend its services to the Sit-In, Tyson’s Sunset Strip swill get the nod, authorities said. If Chick-fil-a does extend its services, Sunset Strips is out of the picture.Another important issue is the menu of the concept brands. Pizza Hut will not be serving its entire menu but will provide its Pizza Hut Express menu, which will serve personal pan pizzas and breadsticks, said Langston Adams, director of food services.However, Blimpies is a different matter. “Blimpies will feature a diverse menu,” said Adams. “Ham, turkey, roast beef or any type of sandwich you want.”Adams also said that with the opening of the food court, a few new jobs will be created.