Spring Fever Brings Winter Shivers

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  Just because it is March does not mean that it is summer time! Spring does not officially start until March 20.It is crazy how one day the whole campus is walking around in bubble coats, scarves, and polo boots and the next day its camouflage shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops. Please people, can we establish what season it is?  Because I certainly did not get the memo that it changes on the daily.

  Shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops in the middle March? I think not! People are walking around here thinking that they look cute, meanwhile in reality they look a mess! It is becoming an epidemic. 

  I have seen more belly-buttons, toes, and butts than I should, especially being the fact that it just turned spring. This is what some call Indian weather; cold one day, warm the next, then cold again. This is what brings on the early stages of pneumonia.  “You have that skirt all the way up your watusi, you are going to get pneumonia in the butt,” my grandmother always said.

  Everyone talks about how much they hate going to Sebastian, but that is exactly where they are going to end up if they keep dressing like it is the middle of the summer. I am confident that neither Sebastian staff nor A&T officials have any complaints though, because they are surely getting our business and more money out of us.Coming from the North, I choose not to play with the cold. I do not walk out of the house without a coat, hat, gloves, scarf, and boots. Therefore, I do not worry about getting sick because I am always bundled up. 

  When the winter hits, it is easy to see who really has style and who does not. This is because so many people lack knowledge on how to dress for the cold and being stylish at the same time. Students realize this and stick to what they know, summer wear. But I guess that is ok, whatever floats your boat. But be mindful, there is a such thing as dressing cute in the winter but also being warm. 

  Northern females sport Ugg boots and bubble coats on a daily basis in the winter and the guys wear Tim’s and bubble colds as well. We do not play around when it comes to the elements. They are stylish and warm at the same time.You will never catch them in summer gear or at Sebastian sick, because they wanted to look cute and were freezing, literally, while trying to do so. There will be plenty of warm days in April to do so.

  If you need help with style yourself to look stylish, whatever your style may be, but dressing warm at the same time, there are many blogs and Instagrams that will help you do so. We all seem to copy our styles from someone else anyway, so why not? Please keep the summer attire away until we have constant warmth!

  • Shantelle Stotts