Students and city locals rally against Bush

Outraged citizens holding signs, banners and flags, marched the streets of downtown Greensboro determined to “drive out the bush regime” on Oct. 5, 2006.

A couple hundred citizens return from the march and rally at the Greensboro courthouse downtown for a politically-charged convention, protesting fascism in America.

A variety of speakers took the stage to speak out about the fascist acts of the Bush regime. Several local political leaders, student leaders from both UNCG and Guilford and even a Chilean teacher whom has lived under fascist rule.

Presenters discussed recent political developments such as the legalization of torture, the continuation of the war in Iraq and efforts by the Bush regime to restrict many of our social freedoms.

The rally was planned and coordinated by a national organization called World Can’t Wait. World Can’t Wait organizer Scott Trent said, “We had our first action on November 2nd, 2005- we realized that the direction this government was taking our society was straight into fascism.”

As part of a mission statement released by World Cant Wait, they communicate their viw that the Bush regime must leave office politically repudiated and thoroughly discredited. Anything else would be unacceptable to the world, our children and the future.

Amongst the crowd were many students from local colleges and universities. Twin sisters attending UNCG, Tori and Terri Johnson attended the rally.

“I think UNCG is very active in the community,” said Tori. “A lot of the students there get together. UNCG is probably one of the most aware and active.”

Along with the large number of UNCG students in attendance, several students from Guilford College also turned up for the rally.

Guilford College student Fatima Figueroa who also attended the rally said, “My brother-in-law is doing his second tour over there now- he left last weekend. The first time he missed the birth of his daughter. Now he’s missing her first birthday! They keep rotating him in and out. Honestly I don’t think he was ready to go back because his mind just wasn’t right. There are no checks and balances with that organization. They’ve gone too far!”

World Can’t Wait is organizing a public protest to take place during George W. Bush’s visit to Greensboro on Oct. 18 2006. More information on the World Can’t Wait organization can be found at Information on World Can’t Wait’s local action and events can be found at

  • Sheridan Long